Beth Fuegy SI, LMT KMI Structural Integration

Services & Rates

Structural Integration

$80 per 75 minutes

   Structural Integration (SI) is a kind of manual therapy and re-education. It is a process/project for the body to go through that is collaborative between you and your practitioner. As a client you are not passive, drifting off during a massage. You are actively taking part in your own process towards a better organized, more integrated body structure. SI is not a massage or physical therapy. The similarities are that  we work with our hands on the body, generally on a massage table, and ask for movement from you. 

The Goals of SI

To reduce pain throughout the body

Better skeletal alignment and increased support

Balancing the myofascial tone to reduce areas of higher tension or weakness

Create ease through the body and ease in range of motion. This ease allows standing posture and motion to become more effortless

Create a more resilient body to better adapt to stress


What to Expect during your SI Session

Sessions are generally done in a series, anywhere from 3-12. The more sessions we do, the more issues we can deal with. Sessions should be spaced 1-3 weeks apart. During your session we do assesment in underwear and bra. If you prefer, a fitted tank top that can easily be lifted to bra line is also appropriate. We do postural and movement assessment and create session plans as well as overall goals. You choose your own body goals. Whether it's general pain relief, being able to do an activity better or a specfic rehabilitation of an issue, that is up to you.

You will be up and down/on and off the table during the session to bring your body back into gravity. Standing up after a part of your body has been worked on also helps you be aware of the changes that are happening, and awareness is key in changing your structure. I will ask you do do movement while I am working. Remember, you are an active participant! This is your body that you are changing, I am just helping it along its way.

Session time

Generally sessions will be 75 minutes to 90 minutes, but if you have a specific request for less time we can work around that. 


KMI stands for Kinesis Myofascial Integration. It is a type of Structural Integration developed by Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains. This is the school I attended and learned Structural Integration through.  

 If you have questions about this, don't hesitate to email me for more information.                                                

 "Go around the problem; get the system sufficiently resilient so that it is able to change, and it will change. It doens't have to be forced. It's that forcing that has to be avioded at all costs."

-Ida Rolf, Ph.D founder of the Rolf Institute

Deep Tissue Massage

$70 per hour

Deep Tissue is a form of massage that work with "the layers of body, and the ability to work with tissue in these layers to relax, lenghten, and release holding patterns in the most effective...way possible."-Art Riggs Certified Advanced Rolfer

Deep Tissue helps alleviate restrictions in the body. The focus is more on helping to improve muscle function than it is on relaxation, and although the work may at times be uncomfortable, the focus is not to cause pain during a session. Deep tissue technique is not applied to the whole body as relaxation massage would be, however I do full body work with deeper pressure and deep tissue techniques applied to the areas that need that specific attention.

  If you would like full body work worked into the deep tissue session, I would recommend at least 90 minutes for the first session.

$70/1hour           $80/ 75minutes         $90/ 90min           


$70 per hour

Relaxation massage is simply that, a relaxing massage. The intention is to make you feel like you've been turned into butter and can float off the table when we are done. It can be done with deeper or light pressure and focus on certain areas. This work is always done with lotion/oil. Although relaxation can sometimes be thought of as a luxury, I generally think of it as self-care. It helps ease stress, tension and unwind the body and the brain. 

$70/60 minutes$80/75 minutes$90/90 minutes$125/2 hours


For all first time clients I give $15 off for the first appointments

(ex. 1 hour massage that is $70 would be $55)

3 Deal

For every 3rd appointment that is booked out in advance, that 3rd appointment will be 1/2 off.

The appointments must be booked out at the time of your appointment. If you do not know your immediate schedule I allow one week grace period. Generally at the end of that week I will contact you to give a reminder. If you have not booked the next appointment by the one week grace period the appointments do not count towards a 3 Deal. No gift certificates can be used towards a 3 Deal. If you do not show up to your appointment without 24 hour notification, all previous appointments will not count towards a 3 Deal. All re-schedules must be done within 1 week. 

For All Monthly or Short Term Specials Please Call (503)245-8366, or Email